Monday, October 10, 2011

Family Culture

As I reflected on our discussion in class I thought it was so interesting how different my family culture is compared to the family culture that my parents were both raised. The differences in these two family cultures were in family education, religious activity, showing and expressing love, communication and the role of each gender. I feel like there is also some similarities but I would say our family differences in how my parents were raised far outweigh how my parents have raised us. I was also very impressed by the topic of how marriages work for the world and how marriages work under covenants. When the question was posed "who do you make covenants with across the altar?" You make them with God not only with your partner as you do in the world. I think that this is one of the major cultural differences that seperate my parents culture with how they were raised opposed to how they raised us and the expectations they have. The statement was made that if we make covenants with just our spouse when we get married (outside the temple) and that spouse fails in his or her commitment then the foundation of that marriage is just short of failure. Compare that to a marriage whose covenants are with God.. someone that is unchanging, constant, and always honest in his commitment to you... You can never fail!!!!

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