Saturday, November 19, 2011

The importance of WOMANHOOD

We just read an article in defense of womanhood and the role of the woman in the home for class and it astounded me the position that the world takes on stay at home moms. They suggested that the mother's intellect is more than susceptible to go in downward spiral by staying home than it is to be out in the workforce. Prager, the author of this article defended it by saying "So it is not only nonsense that full-time homemaking means swapping the mind for a mop. It is also nonsense that the vast majority of paid work outside the home develops the mind. One may prefer to work outside the home for many reasons: a need or desire for extra income; a need to get out of the house; a need to be admired for work beyond making a home; a need for regular interaction with other adults. But the development of the intellect is not necessarily among them." To me, there is nothing that stretches nor builds on the intellect of the mind then being home with children, whom we can learn from and become more like our Heavenly Father through. No work outside the home can ever compensate for the knowledge and experience gained inside the home.

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